CELLPICS, another day in
the jungle
I woke up in usual fashion;  
on the front concrete deck
with Muttinhead licking my
face, yet somehow it
seemed different today.  I
usually wake up in my bed,
that was it.  Muttinhead
usually wasn't in it
either..that was another
thing.  This was really quite
odd, but not unpleasing in
the slightest.  Just waking
up is good, I think.  Why
was I on the front walkway
with Muttinhead in my
face?  Why did I happen to
have the cellphone there at
the ready?  Why is it out of
focus?  Why am I writing
With luck and perseverance, some of the above questions may be answered and more exciting footage of
the day's events will follow!  I'm on pins and needles myself!  One day seems so happy, while others start
shitty and just get worse.  That's what makes it interesting.  Do you follow me here? Of course you do. You'd
love to see me have a real shitty day with pics of people in my face and me being tossed into the back of a
police car while women of all ages, types and sizes line the road to curse me, throw rocks, and spit in my
general direction.   All in a days work, I say.  Nice thing is, it's easy to bring the cellphone along, whereas
lugging along
the camera isn't such a joy at times.  Surely this is ancient news to twitter types...but I shall
press on, irregardless of my backwardness.
Now the question remains ..What sort of day shall be today?  My mood is, ambivalent,
with a sniff of fuzziness.  I am as loose as a goose.  A feather surfing a breeze with a nice
curl.  I need food and I don't wanta cook.  WHAT TO DO?  What to do?  Necessity rears it's
ugly head!     
We have a mission!  ..and the day is still so young.
I took the dogs out to breakfast, but I ate it all myself.  Came home and
the power went off during a movie I was watching so I made it a
hammock day.  It's not easy trying to make all this look exciting, so I
don't try.  At least it hasn't been a bad day.  Linda called about some
bee problems at the cabin, and I managed to shirk from having to rise up
and spring into some sort of action.  I recommended spraying much bug
poison on them, and generally making them feel unwelcome.  Haven't
heard back.  Hope all is well.  Sorry, Linda, If I let you down.  I did have
Rama go over and take a look for me (which I really appreciated) and I
got the impression the situation was not serious, I will check in today and
see if anyone has died or
Gonz Forbid, worse.
Thing is, it's not even dark yet, and some sage fellow/fellowess, once
offered a truism to be held dear to us all, "It 'aint over till it's over."  
Today's verdict still isn't in.
Noah came over this evening and hung out with me till around
0200.  Nice visit, gave him a ride home and managed to avoid
any day-spoiling mishaps.  SO...I guess it's safe to say the day is
over..as of about 3.5 hours ago, and the verdict is:  
Nice Day.
This segment won't last long if I don't go out and actually do something
interesting, or perfect my skills at transforming the mundane into the morbidly
enthralling, or something.
This happened in the cellcam when I took the pic,
no idea whatsoever what happened, exactly..
Maybe it doesn't have to be exciting, just real...real good would be good.
Next day, 3-24-2010,
Mark invites me out to
lunch.  His birthday is
tomorrow, but I guess he
has plans with better
friends then.  It's OK, I
didn't take him out to
lunch on my birthday, so
what have I got to bitch
about?  I enjoyed the
banter and the food
wasn't bad either.  Mark
has been a good
neighbor and friend
since I moved here five
years ago, and
sometimes he can be
funnier than shit, which
isn't very funny, but you
know what I mean, I think.